10 Makeup Tips You Absolutely Must Know!

You know these days when you put on your makeup, then instantly regret it? Well in most of these cases, you were looking way better before you made a makeup mistake that ruined your beauty look. In fact, applying makeup may not always be to your benefit – especially when you apply it the wrong way. Here are some basic makeup tips you absolutely must know:



  1. Using a white eye-pencil on your lower waterlines makes your eyes look bigger.
  2. Using a nude color on your waterlines makes you look more awake.
  3. Using black eye-pencil on your upper waterlines makes your eyelashes look thicker.



  1. If you want your foundation to last longer, instead of applying a thick layer, apply two or three thin ones.



  1. When applying your mascara focus on your outer lashes if you want your eyes to look more elongated, or focus on the middle area of your lashes if you want your eyes to look rounded.




  1. When concealing your under eyes, draw a triangle shape that goes beyond your under eye area.




  1. To make your lipstick last longer apply over it a thin layer of pressed powder or translucent powder.
  2. Applying a highlighter on your cupid bow makes your lips look fuller.
  3. Applying below your lower lip a darker skin shade than your natural skin tone gives the illusion of bigger lips.beirutgloelipstips
  4. Applying a darker shade of lipstick makes your lips look thinner, whereas applying a brighter color makes them look bigger.


If you have any other basic makeup tips, leave them in the comments section below!

Have a nice day, friends!

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