Bourjois Paris October’s Products Review

Bourjois Paris is one of my favorite drugstore brands. It has always amazed me with the variety of its products and its cute little packaging. Honestly, I can’t remember ever being disappointed with any of the products that I have purchased from this brand. And when it comes to makeup recommendations, it’s one of the first brands that pop into my head. Now after such a flattering introduction, I think it’s important to mention that this is not a sponsored post, neither is it in any way affiliated with the brand. I’ll be reviewing below three of their latest products: City Radiance, Radiance Reveal, and Rouge Edition Velvet. All of the stated opinions are my own.

Bourjois Paris Beirut Gloe

City Radiance – Foundation

To tell you the truth, the first thing that grabbed my attention to this foundation is its anti-pollution screen. According to the website, this prevents carbon particles’ adherence and allows the skin to breathe (it’s non-comedogenic). Besides that, the foundation has SPF 30 UV, which is a must for your skin all year round.

The formula is creamy and blends well on skin. It has medium coverage and clearly minimizes the appearance of pores. I recommend using a moisturizer prior to applying the foundation to boost its radiance effect as I found it to have a matte finish (which probably makes it suitable for oily skin as well). Another thing that I loved about this foundation is its package: not only pretty, but also practical. It is very light to carry around. I also find it to ease the foundation’s application. I use the tube to directly cover my face and neck with the product then blend all of the applied dots with a makeup sponge. Besides all of that, it has a really fresh scent, something that I absolutely love when it comes to cosmetics!

City Radiance - 03 Beige Clair
City Radiance – 03 Beige Clair

Radiance Reveal – Concealer

Among these three products, this one is probably my favorite. That must have something to do with my love for concealers. According to the website, the product promises to conceal imperfections and to give a fresh and radiant look. It is enriched with Mont Blanc glacier water and hydrates for up to 24h. I couldn’t disagree with that. Yes, this concealer blurs imperfections and brightens up your eyes revealing a healthy glow. I’ve been complimented multiple times on how bright my face looked after using this product. Based on that, I have used it several times as a daily highlighter as it gives you this dewy effect. Here again, the product smells incredibly good!

Radiance Reveal – 02 Beige

Rouge Edition Velvet – Lipstick

Here’s a best seller: the matte finish lipstick! I’ve got to say, it took me quite some time to appreciate this product. First of all it has a stinky scent, not my kind of a good start. But I gave it a try anyway and guess what? Unless I stick my nose in the container, the smell is undetectable. Also, the formula is so smooth for a matte lipstick that it makes you wonder whether or not the product will transfer. I was so impatient to test that out, so I tried it as soon as I applied the lipstick. Of course it did transfer, as I did not give it time to dry. After a few uses I realized that the lipstick does last for a few hours (if you give it time to settle into your lips), but it will still need to be touched-up after your meals. It also lasts for extra hours if you apply a lip liner prior to it. What I’ve been mainly loving about it is how pigmented it is. And considering that it’s a matte lipstick, the end result is very smooth and your lips won’t dry out. The product also exists in multiple shades; you just got to pick what suits you!

Rouge Edition Velvet - 10 Don't Pink Of It
Rouge Edition Velvet – 10 Don’t Pink Of It

And that’s it for this post! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comment box below!

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If so, make sure to check 10 Makeup tips You Absolutely Must Know!

Have a nice day!

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