Why I Failed As A Blogger During My First Year

Almost a year ago, I started Beirut Gloe: a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog. If you’ve been following me since then, you surely must have noticed that I haven’t been a very active blogger. In fact, I have just posted 8 times during this whole year, and my latest post dates back to February. While my lack of time management greatly contributed to me failing to regularly upload new articles (Yes, I am aware I’ve written an article about time management– shame!), it was not the only factor. I ended up thinking that blogging wasn’t made for me. I was investing so much time, effort, and thought into it, and obviously, wasn’t getting anywhere. However, when the time came to deactivate Beirut Gloe, I couldn’t do it. I wanted to give this blog and myself another chance. But I don’t want to end up doing the same mistakes I did last year. And if you do have a blog, I don’t want you to do them either. So here I am, listing the factors that contributed to the failure of Beirut Gloe during its first year, in the hopes of not letting them get in my way again.

  1. Tips and Rules

When I first started Beirutgloe, I kept reading these tips and rules about how to succeed at blogging, and wanted to follow them so badly. Don’t ignore SEO, never post an article with less than 500 words, stick to a niche, etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these tips are not helpful or are wrong. In fact, they make a lot of sense and seem very effective. My issue was, wanting to stick by them even though they were not working for me. If a post wouldn’t make at least 500 words, I wouldn’t post it. And while SEO and all these stuff are really important, I believe that as a new blogger my main focus should have been about sharing and creating creative content, not counting words.

  1. Niche and Theme

As I have just mentioned, I was a naïve new blogger wanting to fit in the world of blogging by following what everyone else claimed was key to succeeding. Finding my niche and sticking to one specific theme was, I believe, my biggest mistake. Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a specific niche. And again, this is a very smart strategy that has actually worked for many. However, it didn’t work for me. I am highly interested in fashion and the beauty world, and that’s why I decided to associate my blog with this category. Nonetheless, these are not my only interests. I tried to slide in some articles about more generic topics every now and then under the lifestyle category. But again, I did not feel the freedom of posting about all these interesting ideas or topics that came to my mind, just because they didn’t fit into the niche I associated myself with. This in turn has affected my enthusiasm and surely restricted the number of articles I have posted.

  1. Overthinking

I’m going to be honest with you (and with myself). Right now, as I’m writing this article, I’ve overthought so many aspects of it. And instead of giving it an hour or so, finishing it, and moving to something else, I’ve been working on it for way more than I should. Overthinking is affecting my productivity in so many ways. And while acknowledging this problem is a good first step, I still have some work to do to overcome it. Most of the times when I’m about to write or post something on any of my social media platforms, I start overthinking the content I’m sharing. Overthinking does not only make me lose time but also ends up limiting my commitment to the blog. It makes me re-question the topic I’m blogging about and I end up feeling unsatisfied with what I’ve written or posted. “Is this post too shallow? Is it helpful? Does it have any added value?” are some of the typical questions I ask myself. And yes, these questions are important as they push me to create better content. However, I should not allow them to serve as barriers to my productivity and to feed me with anxiety. In fact, I first started Beirut Gloe as a hobby, and it’s unfortunate that during the last months, it turned into a stress factor. Right now, I’m just happy that I have not given up on my blog, and hopefully I’ll be able to turn it back into a hobby that I enjoy doing.


It saddens me that it took me a year to realize that, but hey, better late than never. During the months that will follow, I’ll try to overcome these mistakes, and hopefully, not fail again. I also hope that you can learn from my mistakes as well, whether you’re a blogger or not! Oh, and by the way, this post has reached 850 words, sounds worth sharing to me!

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  • Lamees M. Helal

    Thank you for sharing is as I just started my blog two weeks ago

  • Ann Yamagishi

    Agree to this! Glad you didn’t give up! Best of luck to your blogging!

  • Morgan Shaw

    Interesting read! I think it is really hard to determine what is failure though. Some people would say my blog is failing as I get around 1.1k unique visitors a month off 4-5 posts but then some people get a lot more / less. I find it difficult to form a social media following on other platforms but like you I try and read posts on how to be successful and sometimes it confuses me more. Lifestyle can pretty much cover everything so it’s clever in a way. Don’t give up! Morgan xx

    • Thank you so much Morgan! (and so sorry for the late reply.) I agree with everything you’re saying! Have a nice day! xx

  • I know blogging can be really stressful. When I started, I read everything and anything about how a blog should be done to the point it became almost overwhelming. But then I slowed down and realized finding my own path was much more important. I don’t want to use this section to promo my blog, that’s not why I’m saying it, but I wrote a post on slow blogging previously that is pretty much about these struggles, maybe you’ll find it interesting.

    I struggle with a niche to, because I often don’t talk about typical minimalist/slow living issues, but at one point I just let it go.

    I really hope you will stick to blogging this time, because from what I see, you have a unique voice. I like your writing style and would be interested to hear your take on other things. Trust your ideas and just write about whatever interests you. I firmly believe at the end, our individual personality is the ultimate niche.

    Keep on, can’t wait to see more! xx


    • Is it okay to say that this comment made my day? I’m 24 days late, and I’m really sorry about that, but I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t had the chance to work on my blog. Seems that I’m not learning much from my mistakes. Your kind words though are really encouraging and made me want to put back some efforts in here!

      I’ll make sure to check your post, I truly love your blog and style!

      Again, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for your kind motivation!
      All the best! xx

  • Talkin’ with Tolie

    I have read so many first year blogging mistakes from bloggers. I feel like we have to make those mistakes to grow and get better. I enjoy your writing style and I truly believe if you follow your passion and your heart it will be a success. In whatever capacity that looks like. Keep it up, push through, you got this!

    • I totally agree! Thank you so much Tolie for your sweet words (and so sorry for the late reply!) Have a nice day! xx

  • Hi, Lorena!

    These were some of my problems too, especially the last one.

    I still overthink a lot and I’m also a perfectionist, which makes me take at least a week to finish only one post. And because of that, I would post only once or twice a month. I really don’t know how people can do it all so fast, haha.

    Getting caught up in all those posts about blogging advice and to-dos is quite frankly a waste of time too, to be honest. In the beginning is ok, we need to learn. But then we have to focus on creating content to our own blog. I still read those posts occasionally, but now I try to focus more on my own blog.

    All the best of luck in your blogging journey!